Organic Lime-Tree Honey 660 g



Organic Lime-Tree Honey 660 g


Lime-tree honey is produced by honeybees, from the nectar of lime-tree flowers. Lime-tree honey is very delicious. It color varies form light yellow to dark orange. It has a strong, sweet-wooden flavor that can be easily recognized. It crystallizes very quickly, especially in a cold environment.
Bulgarian honey produced in Kalofer and manufactured using technology that meets the standards of organic farming.
Linden honey is one of the most valuable and best varieties of honey. Bees collect it from the nectar of greenish yellow flowers of linden. White lime honey is one of the best varieties. Aroma of ripe honey is very thin and exquisitely fragrant. White honey color is pale yellow to greenish. It contains 39.27%  levulose and 36.05% glucose. However, depending on the area where the honey was collected, the figures can be different. Type of lime does not affect the sensory characteristics of linden honey. And the intensity of the smell and taste is much stronger than it would be judged by the color of linden honey. White honey color does not change, except during crystallization. Flavor of the honey is described as a fresh woody with a hint of mint, balsamic and camphor aroma. Linden honey is sweet, sometimes with a touch of bitterness. After it you can always feel persistent aftertaste and light astringency.
About 3 months after pumping the lime honey begins to crystallize: it thickens and loses its transparency. But white honey does not lose its useful properties and taste.
Wealth of mineral salts, vitamins – B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, E, K, and many enzymes, honey makes an excellent superfood that stimulates the immune system and the formation of blood cells and hemoglobin. Retain small portions in the mouth until its full absorption. Add to hot drinks after they have cooled below 42ºC.


Linden honey from organic farming.

Weight 1.200 kg


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